Healing Art

Working as an Artist in Residence on the oncology floor at a Children's Hospital, changed my life and my art. The time I spent working with patients and their families brought out a new sensitivity in me. Inspired by those experiences, I went back to the studio with a new vision. Now I use my ability to see the beauty in nature, combined with my love of typography and my appreciation for the written word, to create my inspirational paintings. My first painting was of some lemons, with the word "Lemon" collaged neatly in the bottom right corner. The next was a series of leaves with the word "Grow" in the bottom right corner. Hmmmmm?! I had my "aha" moment and my first inspirational painting was born. (It is the monarch butterfly, I call the The Power Of You.) I love to combined images with words and quotes to convey a feeling or emotion. I hope to engage my audience on a deeper level; to leave them feeling positive and uplifted. I collage with vintage papers, old maps, computer generated typography, and magazine clippings, then layer with a wash of acrylic paint. The subject matter is inspired by an image, a quote or simply a feeling that I want to convey