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Healing Art

Working as an Artist in Residence on the oncology floor at a Children's Hospital, changed my life and my art. The time I spent working with patients and their families brought out a new sensitivity in me. Inspired by those experiences, I went back to the studio with a new vision. Now I use my ability to see the beauty in nature, combined with my love of typography and my appreciation for the written word, to create my inspirational paintings. My first painting was of some lemons, with the word "Lemon" collaged neatly in the bottom right corner. The next was a series of leaves with the word "Grow" in the bottom right corner. Hmmmmm?! I had my "aha" moment and my first inspirational painting was born. (It is the monarch butterfly, I call the The Power Of You.) I love to combined images with words and quotes to convey a feeling or emotion. I hope to engage my audience on a deeper level; to leave them feeling positive and uplifted. I collage with vintage papers, old maps, computer generated typography, and magazine clippings, then layer with a wash of acrylic paint. The subject matter is inspired by an image, a quote or simply a feeling that I want to convey


LandEscapes Painting Series
A View for a Room: Transforming Healthcare Spaces

In 2013, I launched and successfully funded a painting project on to change medical environments. The inspiration for my "LandEscape" series came from an experience I had while working as an Artist in Residence on the oncology floor at Women’s & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. It was a sunny Spring morning when I walked into a young patient’s room and said, “What a beautiful day it is outside.” The patient looked up at me from bed and said “It always looks the same from here.” That comment sparked an idea and started me on my mission to change medical environments and give every patient a room with a view.

The series depict views of sunny landscapes. They include roads and paths to draw the viewer in, and the canvas is collaged with positive messages and words of encouragement.

Working with patients, I learned how much people enjoyed watching the creative process and a blank canvas coming to life so I captured my painting sessions using time lapse photography. A digital photo frame hung next to a painting, playing sound effects of the imaginary landscape, can offer the viewer an escape from the hospital setting. 

Children's Art

One of my favorite jobs at Children's hospital was painting the playroom windows. I changed the images seasonally but the paintings all shared a consistent theme, kindness, peace and love. A friend suggested that I capture the images on canvas. The "Virtues" Painting series below were inspired by those hospital windows.

Never miss a scribble

"Within each of us there lies a secret garden, a place where our creativity blossoms. It's a meditative space, where the only limitation, is one's own imagination."

-Colleen Wall Darby
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